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Chapter 10: Philosophical Bastards

And you change. You can watch this climate changing within you. Beggars come in the morning to beg because they know that people are more feminine in the morning, that there is more possibility that they will give something, that there is more possibility, that they will say yes. By the evening people have become hard. They have suffered one day more. They have seen all kinds of cunningnesses and deceptions and they have met all kinds of politicians and diplomats and rogues, so they have become hard. By the evening no beggar comes. By the evening it will be impossible to persuade anybody to give anything. By the evening everybody becomes so hard that there is every danger that they would rob the beggar themselves.

In the morning you are more soft. After the whole night’s rest, after the whole night with God deep within your unconscious, you get dissolved. The whole night is of a sincere existence; there is no deception, no repression. Whatsoever you wanted to do you did in your dreams. There was no repression. You were not in any fight. There was nobody else, you were alone - and you were utterly free. That is the importance of dreaming: it gives you a taste of freedom. Otherwise you would go mad. The world makes you a slave; the dream again frees you. You can fly in the sky, you can go to the moon, and you can do whatsoever you like. Nobody prevents you. Your freedom is utter, your freedom is ultimate. No limitation exists.

That’s why dreaming is so important - it keeps you sane. If a man is not allowed to dream for three weeks he will go insane. In the beginning it used to be thought that it was sleep that keeps people sane. Now it is no more so. Researchers say that a man does not suffer much because of the lack of sleep, he suffers much because of the lack of dreaming. Many experiments have been done and now it is a proved scientific fact. You can be allowed to sleep but if you are interrupted while you are dreaming, within three weeks you go mad. Even after one week it becomes intolerable.

Why does dreaming help so much? Why does it keep you cool? It gives you freedom. Freedom is an inner necessity, hence all those who have known the ultimate reality call it freedom, moksha, nirvana - absolute freedom. That is the urge, the desire, the great desire: to become absolutely free. The reality does not allow you to be free but the dream gives you freedom.

And in the morning you are more at ease, more at peace, more together. Again your compassion is back, again you are flowing, again your juice is flowing. Now to say no will be difficult, to say yes is easier. In the morning people are less egoistic than in the evening; in the morning people are less violent, less ambitious than in the evening. In the morning people are more religious - by evening they turn into politicians.

Hence the morning prayer and its importance.. When you open your eyes the first thing is either meditation or prayer because this moment is very, very valuable. You will not get it again in the whole day, you will have to wait twenty-four hours to get it again. This is a great, significant, potent moment. Use it, don’t disturb it. Get into it. Get into this lucidity of being, into this grace that is flowing all around you.

No, I am never for any synthesis, I am always for the pure unity before the division.

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