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Chapter 9: Dyed in His Hue

This poem is a very significant statement, and it describes exactly your condition. Do not ever say you don’t know where God is. He is everywhere; then how can you not know where he is? Do not ever say the lock is closed and you don’t know about the key, because the key has been given to you a thousand times, but you always forget where you kept it. You leave it somewhere; your unconscious self tries to run away from it. Until your doubts are cleared away you will be seeking him on one hand and losing him on the other. You will be raising one foot to step in his direction and the other in the opposite direction.

You keep alive the myth that you are a seeker, because it satisfies you and appeases your conscience. It gives you a sense of importance to feel that you are not an ordinary base person who seeks wealth or position. You feel yourself above them because you seek God, truth, religion. While others are involved in lesser things, you have opted for the vast universal existence.

So you keep claiming that you are seeking him, while secretly from within you are trying to escape him. Unless you understand and confront this duality within you, you will never be able to seek him.

Your state at present is like that of the man who builds a house during the day and destroys it at night. He repeats the same process day after day. Or, you might say, he lays a brick with one hand and removes it with the other; or he may employ two workers, one to lay the bricks and the other to remove them. When will his house ever be completed? For infinite lives you have been trying to build your home and yet it is not yet built. Surely something is basically wrong that makes you do two opposing things at the same time!

You carry your false keys that do not work. You bathe in the sacred rivers but your mind remains unwashed. You offer rituals in temples, but that is no worship. You offer flowers; you do not offer yourself. You give in charity, you feed the poor, you do these little religious deeds and take cover behind them.

Remember, you will be purified only if you are prepared to be annihilated; therefore you need waters that will make you extinct, that destroy every bit of you. Here we are discussing these waters. Try to understand:

If the body is covered with dirt,
Water can wash it away.
If the clothes are soiled and polluted,
Soap and water can wash them clean.
Even if mind is filled with evil,
Love for His name can dye you in His hue.

The hue of love. No word is more significant, more meaningful than the word love. After the names of God, love is the next most significant word, so try to understand.

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