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Chapter 16: Innocence Is the Only Miracle

In ordinary states of mind, ideas are just rubbish. In that extraordinary space of no-mind, ideas don’t exist. So either you have to put God in the category of rubbish, or you have to put him where no objects are allowed.

The word idea cannot be used by religious people for God. Idea is used by the philosophers, just as hypothesis is used by the scientist. For the religious person God is the only reality, but in using the word idea you have already gone too far - too far from the so-called reality of God.

But your question is significant from many points. First: you ask, isn’t the hypothesis useful in any way? It is useful - not for you but for those who want to exploit you: the priest, the rabbi, the pope, the whole army of all these people around the world. Without the hypothesis of God, what is a pope? What is a shankaracharya? - just nobodies. Then who is Jesus? You cannot be a son of a hypothesis! It will look very odd. You cannot be a messiah of a hypothesis. It would be a very strange world if hypotheses start sending messiahs.

God has to be real for all these people to exploit you, and for thousands of years they have been exploiting.

And they will continue to exploit you for the simple reason that you are afraid to drop this idea. That shows a tremendously significant point within your being. Why do you feel afraid of dropping the idea of God? Certainly the idea of God is somehow preventing you from being afraid. So the moment you drop it, you start feeling afraid. It is a kind of psychological protection, that’s what it is.

The child is bound to be afraid. In the mother’s womb he is not afraid. I have not heard that any child in the mother’s womb ever thinks of going to the synagogue or to the church or reading the Bible or the Koran or the Gita; or even bothers about whether there is a God or not. I cannot conceive that a child in the mother’s womb will in any way be interested in God, in the Devil, in heaven, in hell. For what? He is already in paradise. Things cannot be better than they are.

He is completely protected in a warm, cozy womb, floating in chemicals which are nourishing. And you will be surprised - in that nine months the child grows more than he will ever grow in ninety years, proportionately. In nine months he travels such a long journey; from being almost nothing he becomes a being. In nine months he passes through millions of years of evolution, from the very first being up to now. He passes through all the phases.

And life is absolutely secure: no need for any employment, no fear of starvation, hunger; everything is being done by the mother’s body. Living nine months in the mother’s womb in such absolute security creates a problem which has produced your so-called religions.

As the child comes out of the mother’s womb, the first thing that happens to him is fear.

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