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Chapter 30: Let Everything Pass

I cannot give you anything, I can only take away - because that which you need, you already have. But it is covered with so many lies, so many falsities, so many superstitions, that although my basic attitude is creative, ninety-nine percent of my work is destructive.

To create that which you already have - to make you aware of it - everything false has to be removed. And you have so much junk! Your mind is so full of rotten furniture..

I used to stay in one place in India, Sagar, in the house of the richest man of that city. He was a collector of things. Anything that came onto the market, whether he needed it or not, had to be in his house. His house was so full of absolutely useless, out-of-date, unnecessary things, that it was difficult even to move in the house.

The room where I used to stay, was so full of furniture! Furniture belonging to different ages, Victorian.. Radio sets, and television has not come to that city yet - but in his room there was a television set.

I said, “What is the purpose of this television set?”

He said, “Some day, television will come.”

I said, “Have you ever thought of one thing, that in the room where you put me - and you put me in the room which has all your great treasures - even to move one has to be very cautious not to stumble, even in the daylight.” I told him, “You have destroyed this room.”

He said, “What are you saying? I have decorated it.”

I said, “Your decoration is nothing but destruction.”

The English word room is very significant. It simply means “roominess, spaciousness.” The more things you put in the room the more you are destroying it. Then it is no longer a room, it has become a warehouse.

I asked him, “Have you another room in the house?”

He said, “This is the best. If you call this a warehouse, then you will be even more unsatisfied with the other rooms. They are even more full. In this room I keep the latest things; this is my guest room.”

I said, “Great guest room you have created! “

Your mind always reminds me of his guest room - so much rubbish, junk, so much furniture that there is no space even for yourself.

The life of meditation is: to create room in you, to create space in you. Throw out all the nonsense that others have given to you. You will be aware of yourself only when the mind is utterly empty. On the one hand, it will become empty; on the other hand, it will become full of you, your pure being.

Growth needs space. Your consciousness is starving. Give it a sky to fly in - and it is in your hands, because whatever you have in your mind, you have collected it. Now you don’t know how to get rid of it. Meditation is only a technique for getting rid of it. The greatest day in your life is when deep silence overwhelms you.

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