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Chapter 7: Knowledge Is Dangerous

A master, if he is to help, has to be very, very wise. Gurdjieff used to call his way ‘The Way of the Sly Man’. All masters are sly. If they are to help, they have to be. But you think, your concepts are, that masters are just innocent virgins, just dreamstuff, no substance, marble statues. You can go and touch and feel the coldness, that’s all. There have been such people but they are worthless, they have helped nobody. They may have enjoyed a certain silence and peace of course, but that silence does not have the quality of life in it. They are dead marble statues. The silence is cold; the silence is not warm enough to be alive. They have stilled themselves, they have become controlled, but they are not free. They have not attained to freedom.

A man who is really free is beyond good and evil, sin and virtue. In fact, he is beyond all dichotomies, all dualities. He is both and he is neither. And only such a man, with so much enriched life - which comprehends opposites in it, which comprehends all contradictions in it - can be of any help and benefit to anybody. But to come to such a master is difficult because you come with your notions, you come with your ideologies, you come with your judgments.

So this is the trouble: You will be influenced by a man who cannot help you, and you will escape from the man who could have helped you. This is the misery of the human mind. Be aware about it so you don’t commit the same mistake.

The question of knowledge is a very dangerous one.

Enough for today.