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Chapter 24: The Mirror Reflecting Nothing

So the master said, “Just seeing me, a curiosity has arisen in you. By coincidence you will be passing by my side, why not ask about meditation?”

The man felt that he had done something wrong. He said, “Forgive me, it was out of curiosity, but now I am sincerely asking. Seeing you, seeing your beauty, a small longing is arising in me too.”

Still the master remained silent. He said, “Now what is the matter? I am ready to wait, I will drop the project I was on.”

The master said, “I have answered it. Silence is the answer.”

The man said, “My God, if silence is the answer I can get it from the trees, from the mountains, from the rivers. What is the need to come to a master?”

The master said, “Their silence is meaningless. The silence of a master has immense meaning because it is conscious silence.”

The man said, “These are difficult words, and I don’t know anything about consciousness. Why can’t you write in the sand with your hand a sentence that explains it to me.”

The master said, “Very reluctantly, I am writing, because the moment it is written it is no more the same thing that I wanted to write.” And he wrote simply ‘Dhyan’. The man said, “But that does not explain anything to me. I don’t understand, please explain it in a little more detail.”

The master wrote the same word in bigger letters, dhyan. The man said, “I am asking for some more detail.”

The master tried a third time. He stood up and wrote a very big word, D-H-Y-A-N in the sand.

The man said, “Small ‘dhyan’, big dhyan, or even bigger, but I am in the same situation.”

The master said, “You will remain in the same situation because you want to be satisfied by simple words, and meditation is not a word. It is not even a part of the mind. If your longing is great, if your thirst is so much that you cannot live without knowing meditation, then perhaps there is some possibility.

“I can show you my whole being in different ways so that you can have a little feeling of what meditation is, how it transforms the man, but forget words, forget explanations, forget language.”

It is perfectly right to feel compassion, to talk about it, but it is not the right time for you. Only after enlightenment, when meditation has reached to its ultimate flowering, is one allowed to talk about it - because then he knows the subtle nuances of words, and the gaps between the words, and the gaps between the lines, and he can be articulate. Something can transpire, even through his words.

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