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Chapter 41: The Psychology of the Buddhas

Western psychology has been avoiding facing the reality of the higher states of mind. I call these people cowards. They are trying to look busy in mental asylums, or sitting by the side of the couch and listening to the dreams of some stupid guy - mostly Americans, because you have to tell your dream and you have to pay too; otherwise, who is going to listen to your stupid dream?

The psychologist is paid - it is the most highly paid profession today - for a strange thing: that he listens. Whether he listens or not you don’t know. He just sits behind the couch so you cannot even see him, whether he is dozing, thinking, “When is this guy going to finish?”

I have heard that one psychologist was very famous; each single minute you had to pay for. And a rich man, a very rich man, became his patient; of course, poor people cannot afford psychology - thank God!

The rich man was able to pay whatever the psychologist wanted, but he had a condition: he was not to be interrupted. When he started telling his dreams then you had to listen, whatsoever the charge; money did not matter. And he went on and on. He was driving the psychologist nuts!

Finally, the psychologist said, “It takes too much time, and I have to see other patients also. So I will do one thing: I will put on my tape recorder so whatever you say will be recorded. And in the night, when I have time, I can listen to it.”

The rich man said, “That’s a perfectly good arrangement.”

Next day, when the psychologist was coming in the office, he saw the rich man leaving the office - and the office had just opened. He said, “So soon? Are you finished with the story?”

He said, “No, but I thought, if you are saving your time, why should I waste mine? So in the night when I had time I recorded it. So my tape recorder is telling the story, your tape recorder is listening to it. Your time is saved, my time is saved.”

Western psychology is in very bad shape. And the reason is, to study higher states of consciousness nobody is going to pay you; on the contrary, they may ask you to pay! The lower states, where a person becomes insane, are paying - and when something like psychology becomes a business, it is dangerous. There should be a few things which should not be business. Now, it is the business aspect of psychology that is preventing it from studying higher states.

At the level of super-conscious mind, all thoughts, all feelings disappear; you start living in an absolute silence. But this silence is a little bit empty. It is beautiful; just to be silent, utterly silent, has a beauty of its own. But when you reach to the collective super-conscious you become aware that silence can remain and yet it can become full; it need not be empty. It can become full of joy, it can become full of love, it can become full of creativity.

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