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Chapter 10: Miracles Are Your Birthright

Only silence communicates the truth as it is. Please get ready as soon as possible, so that we can just be together, merging into each other’s energies, being lost in each other. And miracles are possible. What I cannot say in years can be communicated in a single moment of silence, and what can never be said can transpire when between me and you there is no barrier of thought - when my silence and your silence are just present to each other, mirroring each other just as two mirrors mirror each other.

My real work has not yet started. I am just preparing the ground, preparing the people who will be able to take part in the real work. This is just the preliminary stage. So don’t waste time, get ready for great things, great things are waiting for you. But the only readiness from your side will be a tremendous silence - and then there will be no need to talk at all.

It is really a torture for me to talk to you. You cannot imagine how difficult it is for me to force myself to talk to you continuously. It is just like walking on a tightrope. Words have disappeared in me; I have to bring them back again and again. It is arduous, tiring. But it cannot be stopped unless you say, “I give up.”

The day you are able to say, “Now I am ready to be silent. I don’t hope for anything, I am ready to renounce hoping. I am ready to renounce all ideas of spirituality, God, truth, nirvana, enlightenment, I would just like to enjoy being with you, this moment, here, now” - then miracles will start happening.

Yes, out of season you are going to bloom.

And remember, you are entitled to all those miracles, they are your birthright.

Enough for today.