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Chapter 26: A Genius in Exploitation

The FBI says this place was bugged worse than the CIA. What was the reason for that?

Certainly, because we have better engineers, better electronics experts, better electricians. And she used them. And she used them in my name. They all have confessed with tears in their eyes, because she used them that, “It is for Osho’s protection.” So they did everything. I was in silence for three and a half years, and in isolation. That gave her an opportunity. So much power, so much money, so many people with whom she could tell to do anything in my name, and she was my only connection with the people, so I will know only what she wanted me to know, and the people will know only what she wanted them to know. She used the opportunity.

As I started becoming aware that my place is bugged, then I became aware that few people, particularly my physician, my caretaker, my dentist, had been poisoned. When it became a certain proof that my physician has been poisoned four times, then I said, “It is time that I should come out of my isolation, out of my silence.” And the moment I came out of my silence, the whole commune was rejoicing and dancing except Sheela, because my coming out of silence means her power is finished.

And what will you testify about Sheela when you appear before the federal grand jury?

I am not a eyewitness for anything, because I was in isolation and silence. Whatever I can say is just hearsay, whatever I heard from my caretaker, from my physician, from my dentist. These were the three people who were able to approach me. So all that I have heard is hearsay. But when I started speaking I called a press conference and exposed everything that I have heard, and invited the police and the federal agencies to investigate. And now whatever I have said, they have found proofs for everything.

But aren’t you going to have quite a hard time convincing those authorities that as an enlightened man you didn’t know this was happening?

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