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Chapter 4: Always Now and Here

As the clerk bends over to measure her foot, Gloria, who is very shortsighted, sees his bald head, and thinks it is her bare knee showing. Quickly, she pulls her skirt over it.

Immediately, there is a muffled cry. “Shit!” shouts the clerk, “There goes the electricity again!”

Farmer Hayseed keeps the best bull in the neighborhood and makes money renting its services.

One day, Farmer Hayseed and his son, Ned, leave the bull with young Sam, giving him the instructions to charge ten dollars for every cow that comes to visit it. Sam is sitting in the farmyard when an angry neighbor drives up and demands to see Farmer Hayseed. “He’s out, sir,” says Sam, “and so is Ned, but I can help you.”

“No, you can’t,” snaps the neighbor, “that Ned has gone and got my daughter pregnant!”

“You’re right, sir, you’ll have to see Farmer Hayseed,” says Sam, “I don’t know what he charges for Ned.”

Now two minutes of absolute silence.

Just melt into this silence.

Close your eyes.no movement.

Let your whole energy gather within yourself.

Now let go.

Okay, come back.