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Chapter 9: Mind Immaculate in Its Very Being

So the first thing today that I would like to tell you is that we are missing, we are continuously missing, because we have taken mind as the language to relate with existence. And mind is a way to cut yourself off from existence. It is to put yourself off, it is not the way to put yourself on. Thinking is the barrier. Thoughts are like China Walls around you, and you are groping through the thoughts: you cannot touch reality. Not that reality is far away: God is just close by, just a prayer away at the most. But if you are doing something like thinking, brooding, analyzing, interpreting, philosophizing, then you start falling away and away and away. More and more you fall away from reality, because the more thoughts you have, the more difficult it is to look through them. They create a great fog. They create blindness.

This is one of the fundamentals of Tantra: that a thinking mind is a missing mind, that thinking is not the language to relate with reality. Then what is the language to relate with reality? Non-thinking. Words are meaningless with reality. Silence is meaningful. Silence is pregnant, words are just dead. One has to learn the language of silence.

And then something exactly like this happens: you were in your mother’s womb.you have forgotten about it completely, but for nine months you had not spoken a single word, but you were together, in deep silence. You were one with the mother; there was no barrier between you and the mother, you didn’t exist as a separate self. In that deep silence your mother and you were one. There was tremendous unity; it was not union, it was unity. You were not two so it was not union, it was simple unity. You were not two.

The day you become silent again, the same happens: again you fall into the womb of existence. Again you relate - you relate in a totally new way. Not exactly totally new, because you had known it in your mother’s womb, but you have forgotten it. That’s what I mean when I say man has forgotten the language of how to relate. That is the way: as you related with your mother in her womb. Every vibe was conveyed to the mother, every vibe of the mother was conveyed to you. There was simple understanding; no misunderstanding existed between you and your mother. Misunderstanding comes only when thinking comes in.

How can you misunderstand somebody without thinking? Can you? Can you misunderstand me if you don’t think about me? How can you misunderstand? And how can you understand me if you think? Impossible. The moment you think, you have started interpreting. The moment you think, you are not looking at me, you are avoiding me. You are hiding behind your thoughts. Your thoughts come from your past. I am here, present, I am a statement herenow, and you bring your past.

You must know about the octopus.. When the octopus wants to hide, it releases black ink around itself, a cloud of black ink. Then nobody can see the octopus, it is simply lost in its own created cloud of black ink; it is its safety measure. Exactly the same is happening when you release a cloud of thoughts around you - you are lost into it. Then you cannot relate and nobody can relate to you. It is impossible to relate to a mind; you can relate only to a consciousness. A consciousness has no past. A mind is just past and nothing else.

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