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Chapter 2: Jesus Is Very Paradoxical

The second saying:

Jesus said:
Men possibly think that I have come to throw peace upon the world, and they do not know that I have come to throw divisions upon the earth - fire, sword, war.
For there shall be five in a house: three shall be against two and two against three; the father against the son and the son against the father; and they will stand as solitaries.

Jesus said: I will give you what the eye has not seen, and what the ear has not heard, and what the hand has not touched, and what has not arisen in the heart of man.

Jesus is very paradoxical, but meaningfully so. To take in the meaning many things have to be understood. First, peace is possible if everybody is almost dead. There will be no war, no conflict, but there will be no life either. That would be the silence of the graveyard. But that is not worth anything; then even war is better, because in war you are alive and vital.

Another type of peace - a totally different dimension of peace - is when you are vital, alive, but centered in your being: when self-knowledge has happened, when you have become enlightened, when the flame is lit and you are not in darkness. Then there will be more life, more silence, but the silence will belong to life, not to death. It will not be the silence of the graveyard.

This is the paradox to be understood: war is bad, hate is bad; they are the evils on the earth and they must go. Disease is bad, health is good; disease must go, but you must remember that a dead man never falls ill, a dead body can deteriorate but cannot be ill. So, if you don’t understand, all your efforts may create a dead world: there will be no disease, no war, no hatred, but no life either.

Jesus would not like that type of peace. That type of peace is useless; then this world, with war, would be better. But many have been endeavoring, and their attitude is just negative. They think, “If war stops, everything will be okay.” It is not so easy. And this is not only the ordinary man’s conception: even very great philosophers like Bertrand Russell think that if war is finished everything will be okay. This is negative, because war is not the problem, the problem is man. And the war is not outside, the war is within. If you have not fought the war within, you will fight it without. If you have fought the war within and have become victorious, then the war without will cease. That is the only way.

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