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Chapter 12: Every Suffering Is a Buddha-seed

Let me repeat it: Those who understand both speech and silence are in samadhi. .Because samadhi is the balance between speech and silence. It is just the exact middle, where silence and speech meet, where silence and sound meet. That exact middle is beyond both. It is neither just silence, empty of noise, nor is it just speech, full of chattering and noise. It is beyond both. It is a silence with a song, but the song is soundless. It is a silence with music, but a music which is not produced on any instruments, a music which is simply your very nature.

The ancient seers of this land have called it omkar, the sound of om.not that you repeat om, om, you simply hear it. You are utterly silent, surrounded with a sound which is similar to om. That’s why om has not been made a part of the Sanskrit alphabet. It is not a word; it is a symbol. Perhaps that is the only alphabet in the world which has a symbol in it which is not part of the alphabet. But every Upanishad begins with om and every Upanishad ends with om. And you may have observed that it is not just the om, but also a repetition three times of the Sanskrit word for silence: shanti. Om shanti, shanti, shanti..

It is a silence which has sound which cannot be produced on any instrument, and which cannot be exactly spoken. Hence, we have made a symbol for it. It is beyond language, beyond alphabet, beyond speaking, beyond silence.

Om has been called the very stuff of which the existence is made. It is the music of the universe.

If you speak when you know, your speech is free. If you are silent when you don’t know, your silence is tied. And dead and empty and meaningless.

Language is essentially free. It has nothing to do with attachment. And attachment has nothing to do with language.

It all depends on your mind or no-mind. If mind uses language, it creates false realities - illusion. If no-mind uses language, it creates devices to also help others to enter into the same space. What you make of it all depends on you, whether you are functioning as a mind or as a no-mind. If you speak through the mind, you miss the point. If you allow existence to speak through you, without any interference by the mind, language is pure expression of truth.

In short, the whole thing can be summarized into a single statement: Mind is your prison. No-mind is your freedom.

Mind is your ignorance, no-mind is your enlightenment.

Move from mind to no-mind. This is the whole path, this is the whole religion.