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Chapter 22: This Is My Secret: This Silence

Nanak said, “Don’t be annoyed with me. I have my own troubles. My trouble is, wherever I keep my feet they are always pointing towards the divine. Because except the divine, nothing else exists. I have not knowingly done it, but if you feel offended, you can move my legs in any direction you want.”

And the story is so tremendously beautiful: As Nanak’s legs were moved in all directions, the priest became puzzled - the Kaaba started moving in the same direction where Nanak’s feet were moved! Perhaps that is a parable. Kaaba is only a stone, and stones are not supposed to be so sensitive. But one thing it indicates clearly - that the whole existence is full, throbbing with only one music, one dance, one godliness.

So if you can feel in my words the sound of silence, my purpose is fulfilled. Because my words are not being used in the same way they have been used by everybody. I am using words just as instruments of music. I am not a musician, but I can create the same situation with words and the silences in between. Those who cling to my words, miss me. Because they start interpreting. They start finding contradictions, they start an agreement or disagreement, but certainly a process of judgment starts in their being. That was not my purpose. My purpose was to start a silence, a music, a fragrance in you.

You have to change the gestalt. From words - which is the ordinary way humanity has used words forever, and nobody has insisted on changing the gestalt - listen to the silences. Read between the lines and you will find a tremendous explosion of silence, music, celebration. And flowers go on growing in your being.

Your question is, “The other night you were like a master musician, playing a beautiful melody on the strings of my heart.” I am doing that every morning, every evening - for thirty-five years. But the other night was special for you. I am a very stubborn person; I will go on hitting on your head till you get the point. Last night you got it - now don’t lose it. Because these are such subtle experiences, you can get them and you can lose them. Once you have got any insight, remember not to lose it.

Yes, whatever I am doing is closer to music than anything. It is not philosophy, it is not religion, it is not theology. What I am saying is not in my statements but just in those small spaces which remain utterly silent, empty.

But they are neither empty nor silent.

Once you have stumbled on those small pieces of silence and emptiness, you will be surprised that the silence is not silence; it is full of music, it is alive, it is a dance. And the emptiness is not emptiness; it is the only fullness that exists in the universe.

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