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Chapter 38: Transformation

When the body and the mind are going, people fall unconscious. The shock is so terrible that they cannot remain conscious. Only a meditator can remain conscious because he knows. Even before death, many times when he was in meditation the body was lying there, the mind was there.and he was far above. He was a totally different phenomenon.

A man of meditation dies consciously; hence he does not die. He dies joyously because to him death comes as a freedom, as a freedom from the bondage of body-mind.as if suddenly all the walls have fallen and you have become the whole sky.

Ta Hui’s last statement is so beautiful and so poetic:

The weather is hot and you have been standing a long time.
Ta Hui gave a shout and descended from the seat.

In Zen, the shout of the master has a significance which has not been understood anywhere else. There have even been masters who would not speak at all: they would simply ascend onto the platform, look around the audience, give a good shout, and go back again. Their shout would be as if suddenly a lion had come in and roared.

Just think of yourself coming across a lion, and the roar.Your mind will stop, your breathing will stop, your heart will lose a beat.

The Zen master’s shout is simply a way to give you an experience of silence. He has tried in many ways, through many aspects, explaining to you - and finally he gives you a little taste. He gives you a shout. Suddenly the shout.Naturally everybody becomes silent - what has happened?

And the master is gone.

Leaving you in silence.

Giving you the taste which he has been explaining all along the way.

Nirvano has a stick hidden behind her; she wanted me to hit poor Niskriya. I said, “Niskriya is German and he will not understand it. Rather than becoming silent, he will stand up to fight - and to disturb poor Niskriya’s work is not right.”

I had to persuade her to leave the stick; it is not needed here. I can manage without a shout. Whenever I become silent in the middle of my sentences while speaking, you become silent.