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Chapter 5: The Buddha Is Your Birthright

Quieten your mind.

Nothing binds you.
You are free.

You are strong.
You have come to the end.
Free from passion and desire,
you have stripped the thorns from the stem.
This is your last body.

You are wise.
You are free from desire
and you understand words
and the stitching together of words.
And you want nothing.

“Victory is mine,
knowledge is mine,
and all purity,
all surrender.

“I want nothing.
I am free.
I have found my way.
Whom shall I call teacher?”

The gift of truth is beyond giving.
The taste beyond sweetness,
the joy beyond joy.

The end of desire is the end of sorrow.

The whole philosophy of Gautama the Buddha is contained in the first sutra. It is of uttermost importance. It is not only to be intellectually understood, it has to be lived; only then will you be able to understand it.

Quieten your mind.

Buddha does not preach any belief - belief in God, heaven or hell. His whole emphasis is on creating a silent space within you. You are already full of knowledge; more knowledge you don’t need. You need more innocence. You need an innocence like a small child. You need more wonder, more awe, more clarity.

And all these come to you when the mind is silent. When the mind is silent you are in communion with existence; when the mind is noisy you are disconnected. Your own noise functions like a wall around you. Silence is the bridge; knowledge, noise, is a barrier. And all knowledge creates noise in you. The more you know, the more you become indoctrinated, the more you are full of rubbish, junk.

You need a spacious being within you, utterly empty, so empty that even you are not there, so silent that even the idea of ‘I’ has disappeared. Then there is no barrier between you and existence. You fall in harmony. You become part of this tremendous celebration that goes on and on. You dance with the stars, you dance with the wind, you dance with the clouds. Your whole being becomes a dance, a song. You burst forth into thousands of flowers. But a silent being is a must; in a noisy being, nothing is possible. The noisy mind is impotent; it is not fertile, it is not creative. The silent mind is the right soil for your being to grow - to grow to its ultimate heights and depths.

Hence the first sutra: Quieten your mind.

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