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Chapter 9: Small Intervals of Light

He said, “I did, I received it from a government agency. But I am a professional killer, and I know how governments work. They will promise you half a million dollars - and they gave me the whole plan.”

We had a small lake near the entrance of the commune, Krishnamurti Lake. They had given him a plan, knowing that I always went for a drive past Krishnamurti Lake - and that is a silent place; the commune is left behind, and for twenty miles there is nobody.

“So you plant a bomb there which functions from remote control. And you hide - we will tell you where. We will take you there by helicopter so nobody can trace it. And after the car and the person in it have exploded, we will take you away in the helicopter.”

But a professional killer knows perfectly well - he simply refused. He knows that governments do this business, but they never give the money. On the contrary, you perform, and then they give you a shot, so that all evidence is removed. Instead of half a million dollars, you receive death as a reward. That is a well-known fact all around the world.

Government agencies go on killing people, and they always kill the killer. In that way money is saved, and also the evidence is removed. Knowing this, he refused. But because he had advertised, the court sent him to jail although he had not committed anything.

This new evidence shows the interest of the American government in killing me. This sannyasin is trying to find more and more sources. He wants to write a whole book about the conspiracy to murder me.

If this is the way you behave with people who are peaceful and silent and aware, and who are really indicators of your own potential, then certainly there will be less and less buddhas in the world. Or even if there are buddhas, they will remain silent. To declare is to create antagonism. There are still a few enlightened people around the world, but they don’t want to be unnecessarily in trouble. I have loved trouble from my very childhood. So when it came to enlightenment, I said, “Let it be the last trouble.” I am enjoying it every inch. But it shows you how the unconscious mind has been preventing people from becoming enlightened.

I have not committed any sin, and I have been punished, dragged from jail to jail. It became known later on that the United States Attorney had asked the National Guard to arrest me. But they said, “Without any evidence, without any order from the court, we cannot do it.” The US Attorney General, Ed Meese, who has been accused of many crimes and has had to retire in disgrace, had even asked the commander-in-chief of the army. And the commander-in-chief laughed. He said, “Never in history has an army been sent against a single individual. And not only that, but you don’t have any evidence; otherwise why don’t you ask a court first to give an arrest warrant?” They had nothing with which to persuade a court to arrest me.

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