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Chapter 7: The Center of the Cyclone

You are capable of dulling it and drugging it; then it will be less active on the surface, but it will be more active in the deeper realms. It may become absolutely inactive on the surface, and you may be befooled by it, but the activity will continue inside. Use a mantra, go on repeating Rama-Rama, Krishna, or any name, and then the surface mind will become silent. But you can feel inside activity. Just below the surface mind much activity is going on. Thinking continues in subdued terms, in subdued tones. Everything continues - it just goes underground.

This is very easy. That’s why mantra yoga is a very prevalent thing. It has appeal. Mahesh Yogi’s transcendental meditation is just this sort of self-deception. It is just a trick; you can play it. It will help in the beginning, and for a few days you will feel very much edified, elevated. And then everything stops. A plateau is reached. When the surface has become a little bit silent, then you cannot do anything with this technique. And then, by and by, the subdued notes will become again clear.

This is simple autohypnosis. Even if you continue to think, “I am silent, I am silent, I am getting more silent every day,” you will begin to feel a certain silence, but that feeling is just thought-created. Stop thinking and it will evaporate. Coué’s method or suchlike: just go on thinking repetitively, continuously, that you are silent, you are silent inside, you are getting day by day more and more silent. Go on continuously repeating this. Constant repetition will befool you. You will begin to think that, of course, now you are silent. This is self-deception and it leads nowhere. You remain the same. There is no transformation.

This sutra is not concerned with such stillnesses. This sutra is concerned with the authentic silence, which comes not through techniques but through understanding. And what do I mean by understanding? Don’t fight with your mind. Try to understand it. Anger is there: don’t be angry against anger, don’t fight the anger. Rather, try to understand what anger is: “What is this energy? Why does this come? What is the cause of it and what is the origin of it and where is the source?” Meditate on anger. And the more you become aware of it, the less and less anger will come to you. And when there is no anger, you are thrown into your inner silence.

Sex is there. Don’t fight it: try to understand it. We are fighting with ourselves. Either we are identified with the mind or we are fighting with the mind. And in both the cases we are the losers. If you are identified, then you will indulge - in anger, in sex, in greed, in jealousy. If you are fighting, then you will create anti attitudes, then you will create inner divisions, then you will create inner polarities. And you are divided, no one else, because the anger is your anger.

Now if you are fighting it you have double the anger: anger and this angriness against the anger. And you are divided. Now you can go on fighting, but this fight is just absurd. It is as if I am trying to fight my right hand with my left hand. I can go on fighting. Sometimes my right hand will win, sometimes my left hand may win, but there is no victory. You can play the game, but there is neither defeat nor victory.

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