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Chapter 9: Intrinsic Imperfection

Prem means love, and prasant means silent - silent love. Love is always silent.and I will teach you what silent love is.

I am fighting: It’s in the body. During your talks I feel more, and my body becomes chaotic. I become frightened because I feel I am going to scream and so I go out.

You are escaping, and unless you give in, that pain won’t disappear. Simply surrender to it, let it take over: It will come to a climax and will become almost unbearable. But don’t escape, allow it. Even if you feel you are going to die, die. Don’t stop it.

A scream will come - so go to the river far away, and just let it happen. Lie down on the bank and let the scream come. Don’t force it. First allow the pain to take over; it will spread and will take over your whole body. You will be almost in hell. It will become more and more intense, and you will feel that you are going to explode and die.

Then a scream will come that you will not be able to believe is yours. It will be almost like an animal, a lion’s roar. It will be an unearthly scream, as if ghosts are being released. Allow it, be totally with it, and it will disappear. You can do it tomorrow, and then you can tell me what happens.. Don’t be afraid. It will go.