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Chapter 1: Cooperate with Love

So just wait a little. The old love will disappear and then a new love will be born - and there will be a gap in between in which you will feel as if you are a nobody. But that has to be passed, and it is part of growth. Before the new enters and after the old is no more, there is a discontinuity. But this is very beautiful. Feel happy, mm? And thankful. Become a cool-head!


You asked me to come to see you with my boyfriend when things were going smoothly between us. I didn’t quite know what you meant by “running smoothly” but I guess it is.

Everything is going smoothly - and that’s very good. But lovers become afraid when things go smoothly. They start feeling that perhaps love is disappearing. But when love settles, everything becomes smooth. Then love becomes more like friendship - and that has a beauty of its own. Friendship is the very cream, the very essence of love. So settle!

Don’t be worried that things are settling, otherwise sooner or later you will start creating trouble. Mind always wants to create trouble because then it remains important; when there is not trouble, it becomes unimportant.

The mind is just like the police department. If the city is very calm and quiet, they feel bad: no robbery, no riot, no murders - nothing! When everything is silent and peaceful the mind has a fear, because it means that if you really settle, the mind will be no more.

So just remember this. Mind has to go, because it is not the goal. The goal is to go beyond the mind, mm? So help each other to be silent, and keep things going smoothly. If the other starts to get panicky, try to help.

If you start creating trouble, come back immediately or you will destroy everything, mm? Good!