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Chapter 3: Session 3

This is rare. This is what we are searching for, seeking, wanting, everywhere else.

This is the end.

You can go anywhere, to the church, to the mosque, to the temple, but wherever you go you do not reach the whole. This is so beautiful. I feel so good.

Actually, oxygen and nitrogen are basic elements of existence. They can be of much use, but for reasons, the politicians have been against chemicals of all kinds, all drugs. The very word drug has become dangerous. They are so against drugs because people can come to know themselves, and when people come to know themselves politicians lose their power over them - and they love their power.

In the Vedas they call it soma, the essence, and since those ancient days until today, all those who know have recognized, either directly or indirectly, that chemicals can be of immense service to man. Man is chemistry, so is existence. All is chemistry. We cannot avoid its influence.

Let Devageet write his notes, but on his other side the woman knows, but the man writes. The one who knows always remains silent. Neither the Gita nor the Bible are written by men who know. Those who know are silent, and the ones who do not know talk about it. About and about and about, round and around, turning around and around but he never comes to a real stop. And I am really stopped.

In me the existence has stopped.

In me also the woman knows.

It is the man who speaks.

The woman remains silent.

Just because of the eloquence of his words man has dominated; otherwise he knows nothing. The same is true for me too..

The woman knows,

is soaring high above the clouds,

leaving the man to talk.

Buddha says, “Charaiveti, Charaiveti - go on, go on.”

Go on and don’t be afraid. You can relax, and I will relax too.

Charaiveti, charaiveti.

Go on, go on;

there are no limits.

We are not going anywhere.

We are here and now.

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