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Chapter 4: Emptiness

This woman later on became enlightened. But she must have been a very male type. She argued and even got Yagnawalkya into trouble and in fact she remained silent but she was not defeated - anyone can see that. In fact Yagnawalkya was defeated. If I had been the judge she would have won and the cows would have had to be given to her, because this is no argument to say that your head will fall off. This is no argument. Anger is no argument, violence is no argument; this way you can keep somebody silent, but you have not won the debate.

This woman became enlightened but she must have been a male type. Otherwise no woman bothers to argue about such things.

Once I asked Mulla Nasruddin, “How are things going between you and your wife? I never see any arguments.”

He said, “On the first day we decided one thing and we have been following it, so everything is going very very well.”

I said, “You tell me, because many people come to me for my advice about problems, so I can suggest it to them.”

He said, “It is a simple law. We have decided that on ultimate questions, final questions, great problems, my advice will be final. And on small things, petty things, her advice will be final.”

So I said, “This is a very good decision. Then what problems do you call petty and what problems do you call great?”

He said, “For example, which movie we should go to see, what type of food we should eat, what type of restaurant we should visit, where we should send our children, to which college or to which university, what type of education should be given to them, what type of clothes should be purchased, what type of house and car - these are all petty things. She decides.”

So I asked, “Then what are the great problems?”

He said, “Whether God exists or not. Great problems I decide!”

Women really are never interested in great problems because they know deep down they are foolish. You can decide whether God exists or not, or how many angels can dance on one point of a pin - you can decide.

And Nasruddin told me, “This arrangement has been so good that not a single argument has arisen - I always decide great problems, she always decides small problems. And things are going well.”

By and by every husband comes to know that he is free only to decide metaphysical problems - otherworldly. No woman is interested in writing scriptures. They have never written any. But that doesn’t mean that women have not become enlightened - the same number have. Life follows a proportion. It should be so, otherwise the balance will be lost. Life completely follows a proportion.