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Chapter 7: Osho Leads Dynamic Meditation 3

And it is in this void that you have the vision of godliness. It is in this void that you get a glimpse. And it is in this void that you attain to it. Wait. Wait. Wait. See within, something is arriving. See within, someone is awakened. See within, some bliss has arisen - a bliss that you have never known, that is utterly unfamiliar and unknown. See, every fiber of your being is filled with something unearthly. Wait. Wait.

Now bliss and bliss alone remains. Now light and light alone remains. Peace and peace alone remains. Wait. Just wait. In such silent moments it comes. In such silent moments you meet it. Wait. Wait. Wait. What you are seeking is very close by. What you are searching for is near at hand. Wait. Just wait. Wait silently.

Now slowly come back from the world of bliss. Slowly, slowly come back from the world of light. Very gently leave the inner world. And open your eyes very slowly and gently. If your eyes don’t open, cover them with your palms and then open them gently. No one should hurry though. Those who have fallen down and find it difficult to rise, should first breathe deeply and then rise very slowly. Rise up very silently, without speaking, without any noise. And those standing should sit down very silently, and open their eyes gently. Come back from the world of meditation.

The morning session is over.