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Chapter 7: Have Mercy and Not Sacrifice

I cannot prove it to you, I cannot argue about it, because the more I argue about it and prove it to you, the more it will become impossible for you. If you become convinced, then the barrier is perfect because your conviction will be your conviction. And the new will come only when you have gone totally; all your convictions, ideologies, arguments, proofs you are gone, wholesale - and only absence is left. And in that absence, the heavens open and the spirit of God descends like a dove, lights on you.

“.But whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.” Why does Jesus insist: “for my sake”? Look at the problem: if you are going to die completely and a new man is going to come only when you are no more, then who will be the bridge between you and the new? Who will be the bridge? You cannot be the bridge otherwise the new will not be new; it will be just a modified old.

There the master becomes the bridge. He says, “Die silently. I am there to look after you. You move into death; I will take care of the new coming into you. Don’t be worried, you relax.for my sake..”

That’s why religion will never become a philosophy, it will never become a theology. It will never be based on arguments; it cannot be, the very nature of it forbids it. It will remain a trust. If you trust me, you can die easily without fear. You know I am there, you love me and you know that I love you, so why fear?

It happened: a young man, recently married, was going on his honeymoon. He was a samurai, a Japanese warrior. They were going on a boat to an island when suddenly a storm came. The boat was small and the storm was tremendously terrible, and there was every possibility that they would be drowned. The wife became very much afraid, started trembling. But she looked at the samurai, her husband. He was sitting silently as if nothing was happening. And they were in the throes of death! And any moment the boat would be gone under the sea.

The woman said, “What are you doing? Why are you sitting like a statue?”

The samurai pulled his sword out of its sheath - the wife could not believe it, what was he doing? - and he put his naked sword just near the throat of the wife. She started laughing, and he said, “Why are you laughing? The sword is so near your throat - just a little move and your head will go.”

The wife said, “But it is in your hands, so there is no problem. The sword is dangerous, but it is in your hands.”

The samurai put his sword back and said, “The storm is in my God’s hands. The storm is dangerous, but it is in the hands of somebody whom I love and who loves me. That’s why I am unafraid.”

When the sword is in your master’s hand and he is going to kill you, if you trust him, only then will you die peacefully, lovingly, gracefully. And out of that grace.and out of that peace.and out of that love.you will create the possibility where the new arrives. If you die afraid, the new will not arrive. You will simply die. That’s why Jesus says: “.for my sake.” - let me be the bridge.