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Chapter 24: Following Existence

This small haiku contains the whole philosophy of the Eastern approach. It is not even meditation; you are not doing anything, you are simply rejoicing in rest. You are enjoying the peace that comes on its own, it is not your doing. You are simply waiting, not doing; waiting for things to happen. There is no hurry, there is no worry.

“The spring comes..” Remember: existence has no obligation to fulfill your desires. Hence, the sentence: “The spring comes..” You may be in a different season, and the grass may not grow. Don’t complain, “I was sitting silently and the grass was not growing” - you were out of tune with existence.

You have to follow existence. The spring comes. You have to wait for the spring to come: you cannot bring it, you cannot manufacture it - it is not in your hands. The spring comes - it comes - and the grass grows by itself. And suddenly everything becomes green. Suddenly, everywhere grass is growing. Nobody is doing anything, just the spring has come and its coming is enough for the grass to grow.

You are sitting silently, doing nothing, simply waiting for the spring to come. Just as the outside spring comes, the inside spring also comes. There are inner seasons of life. So don’t be worried - the spring is bound to come.

And at the time the haiku was written, the spring used to come exactly the same day every year; for centuries that has been the routine. In my childhood in India, every season was coming exactly on the same day. There was no question about what day the rains would begin, on what day the rains would end. But because of atomic explosions.they have disturbed the outside, the whole ecology. Now nothing is certain: sometimes rains come, sometimes they don’t come at all, sometimes they come too much, too early. The old rhythm, the old balance is no more there.

But fortunately, atomic explosions cannot disturb your inner world; they cannot reach there. There, the spring comes exactly when you are ready. The Egyptian saying is, “When the disciple is ready, the master appears.” The master has to appear when the disciple is ready. The disciple need not worry about the master. He has just to be ready. His readiness is enough to give a call to the master.

And it is absolutely true: the master appears when the disciple is ready. Sitting silently, doing nothing, you are getting ready. No desire, no worry whether the spring will come or not - it always comes, it has never been otherwise. The moment you are ready, it is there.

And when the spring comes to your inner world, as if thousands of flowers have opened up, the whole air changes. It is fresh and fragrant. The birds start singing. Your inner world becomes a music unto itself, a fragrance unto itself - and the grass grows by itself.

By “the grass” is indicated your life, your life force. Green is the symbol for the living. In connection with spring, everything becomes green. And once you have experienced this phenomenon you have known the greatest secret there is - that there are things which you cannot do, but can only allow to happen.

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