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Chapter 12: From Italy to Nirvana

The first question:

I felt so much love pouring from you when I could not get the microphone to work the other day. With my hands shaking, and my heart thumping, I knew I had to do something - yet with your big, brown eyes smiling at me, I just wanted to sit there and melt into you. It was an exquisite tension.

That’s exactly what I was telling you to do. Sit silently and do nothing - and the microphone starts working by itself! But you wouldn’t listen; you continued doing something or other - and that was creating the whole mess! But it is natural, it happens.

One day my Rolls didn’t start, and I was telling Heeren again and again, “Wait a minute!” But he wouldn’t wait, he went on turning the ignition. Just one minute I was telling him to wait, and the moment I left in the other car, exactly after one minute it started. Then he realized that there are some times when if you don’t do anything, things settle on their own accord. But it is difficult..

A man goes to a cocktail party. When the waiter brings round the salmon rolls, the lady standing next to him bends over to pick one up and loses her glass eye amongst the hors d’oeuvres. Before she can do anything, the man picks up a salmon roll containing the glass eye and eats it.

A week later he finds himself suffering from severe constipation. The doctors cannot seem to cure it so they decide to get him into the operating theater to stick a tube inside him and see what the problem is.

The doctor takes one look down the tube, looks up at the patient and says, “You really don’t trust me, do you?”

And moreover, Prateek, what was the hurry? We were all enjoying! It was such a beautiful joke that without a single punchline to it people were bursting in laughter. I have received many letters: “What happened that day? Even when you are telling a beautiful joke, the laughter never goes so deep and so total. But that day neither were you telling a joke, nor had we heard anything, but the laughter was happening!”

Recently some tapes other than Watergate have been discovered by archaeologists, and they shed light on Daniel in the lion’s den.

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