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Chapter 10: Wisdom and Understanding

And I’m not really answering your questions. Your questions cannot be answered. Your questions are like a person who is in a delirium, whose fever has gone very high. He is reaching one hundred eight, one hundred nine, one hundred ten.and he is in delirium. Then he says, “Everything is moving, the table is flying in the sky.” And he asks, “Where is this table going?” What to say to him? Whatsoever you say will be wrong, because the table is not going at all. And you cannot convince the man that the table is not going anywhere, it is just in the room, not moving at all. That will not convince him because you cannot convince anybody against his own experience.

How can you convince anybody against his own experience? Conviction is possible when his own experience supports it, otherwise not. He is seeing that the table is flying trying to get out of the window, that the table has wings - and not only the table, the cot he is lying on, that too is jumping and getting ready, getting ready to take off.. How can you convince a man who is in a delirium? If you try to convince him you are also mad. Only a mad doctor will try to convince. No, the doctor will say, “You don’t be worried, the table will come back. We will bring it back, don’t be worried. We will do something.” The doctor will try to bring his temperature down; when the temperature comes down the table will come down by itself. When the temperature becomes normal the table is in its place. It has always been there - it has not moved a single inch.

That is the situation. I see, I know that you are in a delirium. And this delirium is very subtle - no temperature measuring device can measure it, it is an inner, not a physical temperature. Inside you are in a delirium. Then questions and questions and questions - like flies they go on and on. I help you to ask and even encourage you to ask, just to get rid of them. This is a catharsis, this is part of a meditation.

Listening to me, by and by you will come to a point where you will understand that all questions are futile, in fact questioning is useless. When this realization arises in you, you will have a total change of attitude. Then questions disappear. When all questions disappear, the answer arises. And remember well, there are not as many answers as there are questions, there is only one answer to all questions. Questions may be millions - the answer is one. There is only one answer, the answer, and that is self-knowledge. So I am helping you to become aware.

There is a Sufi story:

A few men were passing by a Sufi monastery; just curious, they came to see what was happening there. People were in catharsis, freaking out, screaming, jumping, going completely mad. The travelers thought, “This is a mad monastery. We always thought that people come to attain enlightenment here but these people have gone mad.” And the master was sitting amidst this catharsis, this mad chaos all around him. In the midst of it he was sitting silently.

The travelers thought, “Why is the master sitting silently?” Someone from the group suggested that maybe he was too tired, he may have done this madness too much.

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