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Chapter 3: The Sword and the Lotus

There was a big marble slab with the writing: “This temple is created by so-and-so in the memory of his great spiritual father.”

He said, “For this stone the whole temple is being created. Krishna is just an excuse.”

The unconscious mind cannot do anything without motivation. What will I get? And religions promise that in the future life, when he reaches to the pearly gates, Saint Peter will be standing there with all the angels singing “Alleluia!”, playing on their harps in your welcome. It seems to be worthwhile to give something in charity, to do some virtuous act.

Unless an act is done without any motivation, it cannot be unselfish.

I want you to understand that except meditation there is no act which is unselfish, because it is only meditation which is going to dissolve your self, which is going to dissolve you into the whole. And once you are no more, whatever you do is going to be without motivation. Virtue comes out of a person who has become one with existence.

Meditation is the door.

Meditation is the only unselfish act.

But it appears that people who are engaged in meditation are just thinking of themselves, not bothering about the whole of humanity. Absolute nonsense!

The people who are engaged in meditation are the only people who will find a place where there is no self, and all selfishness disappears. Then their whole life, their whole love, their whole compassion will be unmotivated. Whatever they will do will be virtuous, because virtue can come only out of a conscious mind, an absolutely conscious mind.

In the conscious mind, totally conscious, there is not a single shadow of self. The totally conscious mind becomes qualitatively different from your unconscious mind. Hence it has been called no-mind, just to show the difference, otherwise you will get confused.

Mind is what you have. No-mind is the search of meditation. And from no-mind blossom flowers of unselfishness, of love, of compassion, of sharing.

I repeat Basho, the great Zen master, and one of the greatest poets of the world: “Sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”

This sitting silently is not avoiding life. Sitting silently is searching for life, the very source of life. And the moment you have found the source, everything grows by itself, just like when spring comes, the grass grows by itself.

Virtue, truth, compassion, love - everything you can conceive of arises out of meditation, and there is no other source for it. They do not arise from prayers, because prayers are addressed to a fictitious God, who does not exist.

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