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Chapter 7: Your Master Is Your Whole Universe

I am not a teacher, not at all. I have no teaching. I have simply a presence that I want to share with you - in my words, in my silences, in my presence, in my absence. I want you to feel that this small place is not part of the neurotic world outside the gate, that a different kind of consciousness is growing here. It is a nursery. But perhaps.it happens to many people: when they come the second time, then they recognize.

It is just like a joke. There are very few people who understand when they hear a joke for the first time. Most of the women, particularly, who get it for the first time.it simply means that they have good teeth; it does not mean that they have understood the joke. The Englishman never understands when he hears a joke for the first time. He wonders what it is. He gets it in the middle of the night. Thinking about it this way and that way, figuring it out, suddenly he catches the glimpse. He says, “My God!” And then he laughs in his bedroom silently so that nobody can hear.

The German never gets it. He laughs because everybody else is laughing, and if you don’t laugh they will think you are German. The Indian never gets it either. But he does not laugh like the German, just to give company to other people who are laughing. It seems to the Indian that he is too serious a person, far above, spiritual, how can he laugh? It is not that he is spiritual or far above, the real fact is that he does not understand the joke.

I have been searching for a purely Indian joke. I have gone through almost thousands of books in search of a purely Indian joke. I have to confess that there exists no such thing. All jokes that are available in Indian literature are imported.

Only the Jew understands it. But he understands it before you have even finished it. And to tell a joke to a Jew is a very embarrassing experience, because in the middle of the joke he will say, “Shut up! It is an old joke, and moreover you are telling it all wrong.”

I have been watching. Many people have come for the first time, and only the very intelligent have remained - and remained silently, without ever thinking that any other world exists except this commune.

A few remained here just to learn enough so they could go back and become great masters in their own right. They are not interested in truth, they are interested in their own egos. And now there are a few people around the world - they will not mention my name, and they have lived with me for ten years. They are afraid that somebody may recognize: “You have been Osho’s disciple.” They want to erase that part of their life completely so that they can say they are a master, unique; they have discovered the truth themselves, they are not repeating.

I go on receiving their pamphlets and their leaflets and I wonder.these people are either blind or utterly unconscious. They are quoting me, in their name, and they are sending those pamphlets to the sannyasins. And the sannyasins send them to me, saying, “Look what your people are doing.” They have never been my people. They were here just to learn some strategy so that they could be masters.

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