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Chapter 10: Me, Enlightened?

And that’s what actually happened; the house could not stand the first rains. He was not there, he was in Mumbai. I sent him a telegram telling him, “What I have been telling you has happened. The house has fallen.” He did not even answer. He came when he was supposed to come, after seven days, and he said, “Why did you unnecessarily waste money on the telegram? The house had fallen, so it had fallen. Now what can I do? That contractor wasted ten thousand rupees and you wasted almost ten rupees unnecessarily - those could have been saved.

And the first thing that he did was to celebrate that we had not moved - because we had been going to move within two or three weeks. He celebrated: “God is gracious, he saved us. He made the house fall before we had moved into it.” So he invited the whole village. Everybody was just unable to understand: “Is this a moment to celebrate?” Even the contractor was called, invited, because he had done a good job: before we moved, the house fell.

He was a simple man. And if you look deep down, everybody is simple. The society makes you complex, but you are born simple and innocent. Everybody is born a buddha; the society corrupts you. And the function of a master is to take away all the corruption that the society has worked on you. The function of the master is to undo what the society has done to you, and you will be a buddha again.

The child functions from the center when he is born; we teach him how to function from the circumference. That is our whole educational system all over the world: teaching the child how to function from the circumference. We pull him away from his center, we make him more and more accustomed to the circumference, to living on the circumference - twenty-five years of conditioning, education. We have given good names to ugly things. We call it education - it is not education, nothing can be a greater “mis-education.”

The very word education means drawing something out, to draw something out. When you draw water out of the well it is education. Just like that, when something is drawn outwards from your center it is education. But this is not what is going on in the name of education; it is forcing things upon you. It is not bringing your center to function. It is not sharpening your center; it is dulling it, making it more and more sleepy, dozy.

The society succeeds the day your center goes into a coma and your circumference remains functioning. Then you are a robot, a machine, no more a man.

Because we function from the circumference buddhas look so unreal - of course, because they function from a totally different center. That’s why I say that unless you are in contact with a living buddha, you will never believe that you can become a buddha. But a living buddha also, slowly, slowly, appears faraway. It is because of your mind working; it is a strategy of the mind to save itself from going through that revolution. So you create a distance - it is imaginary.

There is no distance between me and you, not at all. I am just a neighbor to you; not even a fence divides me from you. But you cannot believe it, because that is too dangerous for you, for your established pattern of life. You can’t allow me too close; you will create a distance.

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