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Chapter 1: Truth Is the Greatest Offender

The archbishop was sending telegrams to the president of the country, to the prime minister, to other ministers and he was saying that I had been sent specially from hell to destroy the Christian Orthodox Church in Greece. Can you believe a sane man saying something like that? And he holds the highest post, so even the president is afraid, the prime minister is afraid and they have to do something criminal, because that man can provoke the masses against them.

But I enjoyed the whole thing for the simple reason that it shows that truth has really a strength and power of its own. Truth has an authority which lies cannot have. You may have been conditioning people with those lies for centuries, but just a ray of light, just a small truth, can destroy that whole structure.

So there is no need to be hopeless. Talk to people - and if they are offended, rejoice. It means whatever you have said has disturbed their conditioning and they are trying to protect it. You cannot disturb an unconditioned man. You can say anything about him, but you cannot disturb him.

Now my sannyasins are in the world, and I have told them to mix with the world so that they can spread the truth more easily. You are fortunate - just our people, a small minority in the world of five billion people, is enough to create a wildfire. But don’t be in a hurry and don’t be impatient. And there is no need ever to be in a state of losing hope. Truth is intrinsically indefatigable, intrinsically impossible to defeat.

It may take time, but there is no scarcity of time. And there is no need that the revolution should happen before our eyes. It is contentment enough that you were part of a movement that changed the world, that you played your role in favor of truth, that you will be part of the victory that is ultimately going to happen.

Why is money such a loaded issue? It seems as though when we have money either we feel guilty about it, and thus compelled to spend it, or insecure, and therefore want to hold onto it.

Obviously it affects a multitude of areas that revolve around the pivot of power and freedom. The curious thing is that even to discuss the subject of money is somehow as much a taboo as discussing sex or death at the dinner table. Please comment.

Money is a loaded subject for the simple reason that we have not been able to work out a sane system in which money can be a servant to the whole humanity and not the master of a few greedy people.

Money is a loaded subject because man’s psychology is full of greed; otherwise money is a simple means of exchanging things, a perfect means. There is nothing wrong in it, but the way we have worked it out everything seems to be wrong in it.

If you don’t have money, you are condemned; your whole life is a curse, and your whole life you are trying to have money by any means.

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