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Chapter 19: Half of Humanity

We’ve been here a few days now and the commune looks so peaceful and people are really beautiful. Your words are very beautiful, too. How come the press and the Oregonians are so unusually aggressive against you and your people?

Because I want them to be aggressive. They are simply following my wishes. If they are not aggressive, then there is not much hope. If they are aggressive, we can put them right.

Their being aggressive is their first step toward friendship. They may not understand, but I understand it. For my whole life I have been creating enemies and turning enemies into friends. And in fact it is better this way, rather than vice-versa: you put all your energy into creating a friend and then he becomes your enemy. That is sheer wastage. The better thing is to put your whole energy into creating enemies, and then let them turn into your friends. And they are bound to turn, because whatsoever they are carrying is absurd. The moment they come to know the truth, they will become your friends.

And it is a simple psychology: the deeper their hate, the deeper will be their love, in the same proportion. I do not believe in people like Dale Carnegie. I work just in the opposite way, and you can see my business is succeeding. And where is Dale Carnegie? And how many people has he turned into friends?

I want the whole earth, the whole humanity, to be divided into two camps - no more Russian, no more American - either they hate me or they love me, but both ways they are connected with me, and I love both of them. They are like the two wheels the bullock cart moves on; they are not aware that they are playing into my hands.

You said, “I am a simple man.” But why do thousands and thousands of people, simple men, follow “a simple man”?

Because it is very difficult to find a simple man. Nobody is simple, everybody thinks himself extraordinary. He may not have the guts to say it - that’s another matter - but everybody, deep down, thinks himself to be the most superior, the most beautiful, the most intelligent person in the world. And if he is not succeeding, it is because the whole world is hostile to him, everybody is preventing him. Otherwise, he would be on top of Everest.

I am a simple man with no ambition to be anybody other than I am, and these people have been attracted toward me just because of my simplicity, humanity. They have fallen in love with an innocent man who has no secrets and no privacy, who is absolutely open, available.

You cannot find people open, available, innocent, simple. Even the most idiotic people think they are great geniuses. I am not a genius, just an average, ordinary person.

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