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Chapter 28: Either Politicians Remain or Humanity Remains

Do politicians have brains?

I am sorry, but I doubt it. If one has brains there are so many beautiful things in life to do; it is impossible for such a man to be interested in politics at all. Politics is for the lowest category of intellect. You can see it all over the world.

I am reminded of one of my friends who was a national figure in politics. His whole life he devoted to two things: one, which was his priority, that cow slaughter should be stopped; and the second was, that Hindi should become the national language.

I once asked him, “You go on calling the cow ‘the holy mother’; then who is the bull - the holy father?”

He became angry. I said, “It is a simple thing. If the cow is your mother, then the bull has to be your father.”

He said, “You always confuse me.”

Another time I asked him, “What about Charles Darwin’s theory that man is evolved out of monkeys?”

He said, “Absurd! Monkeys are animals, man is not. Man is divine. God has made man in His own image.”

I said, “Then what about the cow? The monkey is an animal. You cannot accept that man evolves out of monkeys but you go on calling the cow your mother. Isn’t the cow an animal?”

And, moreover, you reject the bull, the poor bull, who has done no harm to you except given you birth - without the bull the cow cannot be your mother. You should be all-grateful to the bull. You became angry on that point; now you are denying Charles Darwin’s theory simply because monkeys are animals - but what about the cow? Can’t you see such a simple logic? Then only one thing remains - which will be very absurd..”

He said, “What? Nothing can be more absurd than Charles Darwin’s theory.”

I said, “You just wait. The cow is the mother, and the monkey is the father and man is a cross-breed. It is not that I am saying it - it is you who should say it, but you are not capable of any intelligence. This is a simple thing. You have the mother; the father is missing - the bull is not acceptable. Charles Darwin has the father; the mother is missing. That is very strange of Charles Darwin too, that he talks about the male monkeys becoming man. Then who became the woman? Very strange - what about the female monkeys?

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