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Chapter 26: To Be Effortless Is Just to Be Spontaneous

These sciences of Aikido or other dimensions of Zen are simply saying to you: Be simple, be just yourself. There is no need to act. Whatever action comes spontaneously, let it come; enjoy its spontaneity. Then you will see a beauty, a centeredness, a simplicity. Something authentic - not fake, not pseudo.

All this is so simple.

A farmer once had on his farm a rooster that was one of the laziest creatures that ever lived. Instead of crowing as it was supposed to do, when the sun came up in the morning, it merely waited until some other rooster crowed - and then it nodded its head in agreement.

.But if it is spontaneous, it has its own beauty. Why bother? Somebody else is going to do it. I am in absolute agreement with that rooster; I have never done anything in my life. If somebody happens to do it.

Just on the way, Shunyo was telling me - she must have met Jayesh, and I have told Shunyo that without Jayesh I don’t know how things would have been settled. He has been doing too much. The poor fellow had come to Rajneeshpuram to meditate, renouncing the world to sit silently, and he met me in the plane and got arrested with me! Since then, he is running continuously all around the world. He has completely forgotten for what he has come; he has no time.

And I simply go on watching him doing everything, just nodding - “Well done! Good boy!” So Shunyo must have told him, and he started crying.

I know those tears are of great joy, of deep love.

To celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, Saul and Sylvia Shulman decide to repeat the same things they did on their honeymoon.

They go to the same hotel and book into the same room. Sylvia puts on the same perfume and the same nightgown.

Just as he did on the honeymoon night, Saul goes into the bathroom and Sylvia hears him laughing - just as he had done fifty years before.

So when he comes back Sylvia says, “Honey, it is really beautiful - everything is the same. I can remember it as if it were yesterday. Fifty years ago, you went to the bathroom and laughed in the same way. At the time I did not have enough courage to ask you, but now, tell me. Why did you laugh?”

“Well, it is like this, darling,” says Paul. “That night fifty years ago, when I went to piss, I wet the ceiling. And tonight I wet my feet!”

Just be innocently simple. This man must have been a very spontaneous man. He told the truth - there is nothing to hide about it. But most of you would not have dared to tell the truth.

Truth is very simple; it needs no training, no preparation, no homework. You simply are what you are. Just accept it and expose it to the world.

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