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Chapter 44: Paradise Is for the Courageous

You have heard only half of the truth, and a half truth is far more dangerous than a full lie.

Enlightenment is ultimate death, but this is only half of the truth. It is also the beginning of an eternal life. You have not heard the other half. Perhaps the first half was so much of a shock that you started thinking about it, and missed the other half.

It is true: after enlightenment you will not be coming back to this life. But that does not mean that you will be dead; that means you will be having a real, authentic, universal life.

And what have you got in this life that you are so much afraid to lose? - very precious misery? What have you got except anxiety, pain, anguish, and a constant feeling that all is meaningless, that you are not living but simply moving towards the grave? Your living is nothing but a slow kind of death.

You should write down what it is that you have got that makes you so worried that you will not be coming back. Perhaps there are enemies - you have not been able to take revenge, and you want to come back.

I have heard about a man who was dying. He called all his four sons and he said, “My dear sons, I am dying and I hope that you will fulfill my last wish. Promise me.” But nobody would raise his hand. They looked at each other. The old man said, “Now this is not the time to think. My breaths are numbered. Gather courage.”

The youngest raised his hand. He said, “I will fulfill the promise.”

The three said, “What are you doing? Are you mad? You are too young. You don’t know this man.”

But the old man blessed the young boy and he said, “I have always known that you are my real son, my blood, my bones, my marrow, my everything. And these three idiots.they will not even promise a dying father a simple thing; they won’t even ask what the thing is.”

The young boy said, “You forget about them. You just tell me what the thing is that I have to do.”

He said, “It is very simple, but I will whisper it in your ear. These three idiots should not hear it, otherwise they will disturb you. But don’t listen to anybody. It is a question of keeping your word - and to a dying father.”

The boy said, “I promise. You just tell me.”

So he whispered in his ear, “You do one thing: when I am dead, cut off my hands, my feet, my head - cut my body into as many parts as you can.”

The boy said, “What are you saying? For what?”

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