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Chapter 25: The Field of Awakening

I teach you to have a pride of your own. It is not ego, because you are not declaring it in comparison to anybody else. Ego is a comparison, pride is simply self-respect - a sense of dignity that existence needs you, and that you have to fulfill the hopes of existence; that you have to be yourself, not at the minimum, but at the maximum; that you have to bring all the flowers to blossom - your flowers. They may be marigolds, they may be roses, they may be lotuses - it does not matter. What matters is that they should come to a blossoming. Your life should become a spring, a continuous celebration.

You are asking me: “I have done so much over the years, and tried so hard, and that now it is time to relax and wait.” Anything that is hard, anything that is tiring, anything that seems to be a burden and you want to get rid of it, was in the first place unnatural.

You went against nature. You went against the current of life itself - that’s why things became so hard. If you had gone with the river, without struggling to go against its flow, you would have enjoyed the coolness of the river, the aliveness of the river, the trees on the banks, the sunrises, the sunsets, beautiful days, beautiful nights full of stars. Your life would have been naturally relaxed and in a state of let-go.

Those so many years that you tried so hard just show your ignorance, and nothing else. You don’t understand that nature is very relaxed; the moment you become unnatural tensions arise in you, anxieties, anguish. And you may be anxious and tense for very good reasons - to remove misery from the world, to remove wars from the world, to remove all suffering from the world - very good intentions.

But remember, the way to hell is paved with good intentions.just good intentions won’t help.

What helps is a deep understanding of the relaxedness of existence, and to be in tune with it. And then you would have done much, without tiring yourself.

Now you want to relax and wait! What will you do about all those habits of fighting and being hard at work? They won’t allow you to relax easily, they have become your second nature. It is easy to learn wrong things. It is very difficult to get rid of them for the simple reason that they enter into your very blood, into your bones, into your marrow - they become almost part of you.

Relaxation should be the simplest thing in the world - but it is the hardest. Not that it is hard, but because people are so much habituated to making hard effort that if you tell them to relax, not to do anything, just to wait.it sounds simple, but they cannot just wait. They will do something, they have to do something. It is now almost a kind of possession - they are possessed by a certain structure of life.

But it is not too late. If you are going for relaxation, patience, and waiting - just don’t waste time. That is the way of life. You had gone astray, you have come back to the easy, and the easy is the right; to the simple, and the simple is the right.

And you are asking me: “Osho, did I really do enough?”

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