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Chapter 38: Session 38


I wanted to tell you a simple truth, perhaps forgotten for its simplicity; and no religion can practice it because the moment you become part of a religion you are no longer simple nor religious. I wanted to tell you just a very simple thing which I have learned the hard way. Perhaps you are getting it too cheap, and the simple is generally mistaken for the cheap. It is not cheap at all. It is the costliest thing possible because one has to pay for this simple truth with one’s own life. It is surrender, trust.

Naturally you will misunderstand trust. How many times have I told you? Yes, I must have told you millions of times, but have you listened even once? Just the other night my secretary was crying, and I asked why.

She said, “The reason for my tears is that you trust me so much, and I am not worthy of it. It is too unbearable.”

I said, “I trust you. Now if you want to cry again, you can cry. If you want to laugh, you can laugh.”

Now this is certainly difficult for her. She understands me, but her tears were not against me, they were for me. I said to her, “What can you do? At the most you can tell me to leave this house. Anyone who wants to come with me from this house will come, otherwise I will go alone. Alone I have come; alone I will have to go. Nobody can accompany me on the real journey. In the meantime you can play all kinds of games just to pass the time.”

She looked at me. Her tears had dried but were still there on her cheeks. For a moment I knew what was in her mind. I said to her, “You are thinking that now you can cheat me. Okay, you will not find a better opportunity.”

She started crying again and falling at my feet saying, “No, Osho, no. I don’t want to cheat you. That’s why I was crying. I don’t want to cheat you.”

I said, “Then why the idea? If you don’t want to, and I don’t want you to either, then why are we wasting our time? If you want to cheat me, I am willing. In fact I should cry for you because from the very beginning I have been nothing but a problem. And still I am a problem, not to myself - myself, I am not at all, so the question does not arise. But to others who are, and are very much so.the more they are, the more problematic is their life. But you are with a man who is not. And as far as he is concerned he has no problem. And if he can trust you, existence is enough to take care of you.”

But nobody seems to be at all interested in existence - in everything except existence.

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