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Chapter 14: The Last Word in Meditation

I understand that the gap between the ideals and reality can be bridged by me on my own only. On the other hand, I am receiving your immense help. I cannot understand the contradiction.

There is no contradiction at all. I have been telling you that you have to walk the way, I cannot walk on your behalf.

That does not mean that I cannot help you. That does not mean that I cannot indicate the path to you. That does not mean that I can’t make you aware of the pitfalls on the path.

The master as a friend can help immensely, but the master should not become an owner. He should not possess the disciple as a slave, he should not ask for any surrender. The surrender has to be for the whole of existence, not for any individual.

You have to surrender the ego, not to someone, you have to simply drop it.

If somebody demands you to surrender yourself to him, demands that you should obey him and says that disobedience is sin, then he is creating a spiritual slave out of you. He is not going to help you, he is destroying you. And millions of people on the earth have been destroyed in this way. They have become simply slaves of traditions, scriptures, statues, temples, rituals, but nothing of it transforms their being, nothing of it brings them to truth.

How many centuries have you been a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jaina, a Christian, a Jew.what is the result? How long are you going to wait? If it has not happened for centuries, perhaps it is not going to happen ever. You have waited enough. It is time to do something.

Hence my emphasis is that you should not become attached to me, you should not become in any way obedient to me, you should not be surrendered to me. You don’t have any commitment to me, you are simply available to me as a friend, as a guide. And it is out of your freedom to accept the guidance or not to accept it. It is not a sin if you don’t accept it. If you don’t accept it, then it must be my mistake, I am not presenting it rightly to you. I should present it in a different way, from a different angle, so that it can become understandable to you.

Help is absolutely needed, and help is possible.

But you have been told that you have just to believe in someone and you will be saved -that you need not do anything. Just believe in Jesus Christ and on the ultimate judgment day he will choose you out of the crowd: “This is my follower.” Those he chooses will enter into the kingdom of God, and those he does not choose will fall into eternal darkness and hell.

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