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Chapter 9: Truth Wins.Eventually

No other religion has emphasized in such a crystal clear way that knowledge is sin and that unless you become like children again, you will not become good: unless you drop all knowledge and you become innocent again, uncorrupted by knowledge, you will not be accepted back. The source will go on rejecting you.

Not that the source wants to reject you. But the way you behave, through knowledge, you create the situation for your own rejection. God had to expel Adam and Eve. Not that he wanted to - he must have wept because they were his children - but he was helpless.

Whenever you create the feeling in the whole of helplessness, you commit sin. And whenever you force the whole to reject you, you commit sin. And whenever you force the whole to throw you out of the garden, you commit sin.

Sin is behaving in a cunning way, behaving as if you know. Sin is being self-complacent, sin is thinking that you are enough unto yourself. A child is not enough unto himself; a child is helpless. A child does not know anything; he acts out of innocence. Then it is good. The moment you start acting out of knowledge, it is sin.

Try to understand the import of what I am saying: I am saying that if you live a virtuous life out of knowledge it is not virtuous. You can have character out of knowledge, you can have a quality of morality to you out of knowledge, but then it is no longer moral. Then you are still eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

Your so-called saints are deep down, sinners, because they still go on getting their nourishment from the tree of knowledge. The real sage is innocent. He acts - not because of the commandments, because all commandments are sin. He acts out of his totality; he responds in this moment.

He does not act out of the mind. To act out of the mind is to sin, and to act out of the mind is to be thrown out of the garden, out of the kingdom of God. Once you accept the mind as your source of activity, you have denied God, and in your denial of God, you are denied.

Whenever you act out of the mind your act is going to be fragmented because mind is a split phenomenon. Mind is not one. It is many, it is a multitude. Its names are legion. Whenever you act out of the mind, only a part acts - against the whole. Whenever you act out of no-mind..

Sometimes you act.you know there are moments when you act out of no-mind. You are walking. You have gone for a long morning or evening walk and suddenly a snake crosses the path. You don’t have time to think. Mind needs time; mind is a time process. You don’t have time to think. If you think, you will be gone! The snake is there and the snake is not going to wait for you to think. The snake acts out of no-mind; you will be in danger if you believe in mind. But you will act out of no-mind. You will simply jump.

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