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Chapter 1: Pseudo-Religion: The Stick-on Soul

Even if the Christians are right, Adam must still have committed the original sin at least five thousand years ago. Somebody committing a sin five thousand years ago - how many generations have passed since then? And you are still miserable because of his sin? That seems to be absolutely unjust. If he did commit the sin, God made him suffer. Why should you be suffering? You were never a part of it. If anybody has to suffer, it should be God himself, because in the first place what was the need of creating those two trees? If man was not allowed to eat from them, it was so simple: God should not have created those two trees. He was committing the original sin - if anybody was.

Then, even if he had created them, what was the need to tell Adam not to eat from those two trees? I don’t think that Adam, on his own, even by now would have found those two trees. Among the millions of trees, it would have been just a coincidence if Adam had found them. But God showed him the trees, saying, “These are the two trees, and you are not to eat from them.”

And this God is Jewish. Sigmund Freud understands it better - he is also Jewish, born out of the original sin - he understands far better than this Jewish God. To tell somebody not to do something is to provoke them, is to give them a challenge, is to make the person fascinated. It is not the snake who really persuades Adam and Eve, it is God’s “don’t” that hits hard; and they become curious as to why.

And the trees are not poisonous. One is the tree of wisdom. There seems to be no logic in why the tree of wisdom should be prohibited to man. And the other tree is of eternal life. Both trees are the best in the whole Garden of Eden. God should have told him, “Don’t miss these two trees! Anything else you can miss, but these two trees you should not miss.” On the contrary, he says to Adam and Eve, “Don’t do this.” That “don’t” is the real cause of their disobeying; the serpent is just an excuse.

But even if they did commit the sin, whether through God or through the serpent, it is absolutely certain that you are not part of it - in no way. You were not there to support them. The Christians have been befooling the whole world, the Jews have been befooling the whole world, saying that it is because of the original sin that man is suffering, he is in misery. He has to turn back, he has to undo what Adam and Eve did. They disobeyed; you have to obey God. Just as they disobeyed and were thrown out of heaven, if you obey totally, without any doubt, without any questioning, you will be allowed back into the world of bliss, paradise.

Misery exists because of the original sin, according to the Judaic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism. These three religions have come from the same source; they all believe in the same original sin, and that we are suffering because we are the progeny of those same people who committed it. Even human justice cannot punish a criminal’s son because he is a criminal’s son. His father may have murdered somebody, a major crime, but then you cannot punish the son too. The son has nothing to do with it.

Adam and Eve did not commit any major crime - they just had a little curiosity. And I think anybody who had any sense would have done the same. It was absolutely certain to happen, because there is a deep need in man to know. It is intrinsic, it is not sin.

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