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Chapter 27: Awareness Has Its Own Rewards

As the morning was coming closer, one of them said - because a cold wind started blowing and they came back to their senses a little bit - one of them said, “We must have come miles away from our place. Somebody should get out and have a look where we are, so that we can go back home. Soon the sun will be rising, and before that we have to get back; otherwise that boatman whose boat we have picked up without asking will create trouble.”

One man got out and started laughing madly. They said, “Why are you laughing?”

He said, “Just come here and you also will laugh.”

They all climbed out - and then they sat there laughing, because they had forgotten to unchain the boat! The whole night they had rowed and had tried to go faster and faster and they were exactly where they had started. Not a single inch. The boat was tied on the bank, it was locked.

This is the story of man as he is.

Now, Mother Teresa must be thinking that she is doing good. I have no doubt about her intentions, but I have tremendous doubt about her wakefulness. She is not awake, she is fast asleep. In sleep at the most you can go on dreaming good dreams, or bad dreams; but what does it matter? If it is a dream, whether you dream of heaven or hell, what does it matter? In the morning you will find both were dreams.

In a dream you can be a thief, or you can be a monk. And of course in the dream you will enjoy being a monk and the ego that comes with it; it is part and parcel of a very polished, cultured ego. And if you are a thief, certainly, even in your dream you will feel bad that unfortunately you have to become a thief. You don’t want to become one, but situations are forcing you to become a thief even though it is a sin.

You ask me: Is there something like sin? There is only one sin: that is not recognizing your sleep, not recognizing your state of deep hypnotic slumber. That’s the only sin. There is no other sin.

Out of this one sin, millions of things can arise, but this is the root. And if this sin is there you cannot do anything right. Even if you try to do anything right you will do it for the wrong reasons, the wrong motives. The action may look right, but the motivation will be wrong. You are wrong; so from where can you get the right motivation?

Now, what is Mother Teresa running around for in her old age? There should be a time of retirement even for saints. These poor saints never retire; they become senile but still nobody retires them. Nobody tells them, “Now retire, you have done enough. Now let others do some good works; otherwise you will be the only monopolist in heaven. Share with other saints also. Now retire, and we will do the good things you were doing.” But no, saints never retire.

Sinners retire but saints never retire. Strange. It’s because the saint never gets tired, for the simple reason that his ego goes on becoming stronger and stronger. And he is collecting virtue; his treasure in the other world is increasing more and more. He is coming closer to God every day, so certainly he needs orphans, he needs accidents, he needs poor people.

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