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Chapter 26: Nobody Is a German

You are saying, “And I forget that I am a seeker.” You will miss the opportunity. Enjoy life, but remain watchful. All that a seeker needs is a certain awareness that follows him like a shadow. Whatever you are doing, just remain alert.

The English word sin is very significant; not in the way Christians interpret it, not according to the dictionaries, because they have been influenced by the religions, but according to its original roots: the word sin simply means forgetfulness. And that gives a totally new dimension to the word - a beauty. It is nothing for which you can be thrown into hell. It is something that you can manage. It is not concerned with any action in particular; it is concerned with your awareness.

To be aware is to be virtuous. And to remain in unawareness is the only sin. You may be doing good things without awareness. But those good things are no longer good, because they come out of darkness, unconsciousness, blindness. And as far as awareness is concerned, a man who is full of awareness, alert, cannot do anything wrong. It is intrinsically impossible.

Awareness brings so much clarity, so much perception, so much understanding that it is impossible to do anything that can be harmful to anyone. It is impossible to interfere with somebody’s freedom or somebody’s life. You can only be a blessing to existence, nothing else. So to forget that you are a seeker is dangerous. It is falling into sin. This is the only sin I accept as sin.

And you are also saying, “But when I think about it, a question arises: what am I seeking for?” The seeking is not for anything, the seeking is to know the seeker, who you are.

There are two kinds of seeking: one is for money, for power, for prestige, for name, for fame, for anything outside you. That is not our seeking. That is not the seeking which can take you to higher states of consciousness and being. This is a totally different kind of seeking. The first seeking goes forwards, outwards. It is objective.

You are a seeker of the inner, of the subjective. Your search is for yourself. You don’t know who you are. And not to know oneself is such an ignorance, such an indignity, such a self-insult, that no man who understands a little bit can forget about it.

Just a little intelligence and you will agree with Socrates and all those great people who have been telling you, “Know thyself, be thyself,” because without knowing yourself, you cannot be yourself. You will never come to a flowering. Your roses will remain unexpressed. Your fragrance will not be released to existence.

Do you want to remain just a seed? Or do you want to grow with great green foliage and beautiful roses? Unless your roses dance in the sun, in the wind, in the rain, you have not known how much life was hidden. It is almost like an iceberg. Only one part you see, nine times more is hidden underneath in the water.

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