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Chapter 8: Sincerity in the Search

The first question:

You told us to rejoice whenever we see other people becoming sincere seekers, and it is indeed a moving experience to see new people become sannyasins and begin to meditate. But how are we to feel when we see really beautiful, sincere young people giving up everything to follow destructive, false, so-called messiahs who are only using these followers for their own material and political gain?
I am thinking of a man named Moon who is gaining more and more adherents every day. He is also making more and more enemies in the west, who criticize him and his methods most vehemently. But his poor blind disciples use this persecution as proof that he is a new Jesus.

It is a very complicated phenomenon and you will have to be very subtle about it. The first thing - it is none of your business. If somebody follows Moon or Muktananda it is none of your business. You should not have any attitude about it, because who are you to decide? Whether Moon is right or wrong, how can you decide? And why should you decide? You are not following him. You should keep out of it. Because there is no way to decide from the outside.

The same thing was said really against Jesus also. And the people who were against Jesus, they were also saying the same thing to people: “Why are you going with this man? He is a false messiah.” That’s what Jews were saying against Jesus. They still say - they may not say loudly because they have been forced to be silent, crushed down the centuries, but they still say. Who is going to decide? And how?

The same people are saying against me - you following me. People will say that you have fallen into the hands of a dangerous man. He has brainwashed you, he has destroyed you, you are hypnotized, and so on, so forth.

So the first thing is, never be concerned about these things. Don’t waste your time. If somebody feels good to be with Moon, it is his business to decide. And you say “sincere, beautiful people.” If they are really sincere they will understand sooner or later that this messiah is false. If their sincerity cannot reveal to them the falsity of their messiah, then who is going to reveal? So let them go wholeheartedly. If they are moving with a wrong person, sooner or later they will realize. And if they don’t realize, then too it is for them to choose.

In fact, the more you criticize Moon and others, the more you make it impossible for the disciples to see themselves. The more you criticize, the more they become defensive.

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