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Chapter 22: Truth Is Here but You Are Not

What is truth? And whatever it is, why are most people not interested in it?

The way the question is formed says more than is apparent. The first thing it says is that you are not interested in truth at all. It is strange that sometimes the formulation of the question has much more significance than the question itself.

You are asking: “What is truth? and whatever it is..” Does this show any inquiry? Does it mean that you are committed to seek and search for truth? If it were so, you could not have said “whatever it is.” It shows such an indifference, just like government office letters - “whomsoever it may concern.”

“Whatever it is.?” It makes no difference to you. And you are asking why people are not interested in it. Why blame people? Why can’t you be sincere and say, “why am I not interested in it?” Who are these people you are talking about? What concern do you have about these people? They don’t have any names; it is just a word, empty: people.

With me be honest, be sincere, be direct. Don’t bring anonymous people into the question. The question has to be yours. You are asking for an answer, and the question is not even yours. And how is it possible to answer you when the question belongs to “people”? Who are these people? I don’t know, and I don’t think you know either.

A question has to be individual, then it is alive; and I can answer only an alive question. A dead question deserves only a dead answer. I am incapable of doing that.

So first, remember always the question must be your quest.

The question must arise from the depths of your heart; it must be rooted in your being.

It must be nourished by your life; then it deserves an alive answer.

You ask me, what is truth? This is the greatest question ever asked. And you ask it in such a stupid way, you put the ultimate question in such a silly form. This is simply unawareness, unconsciousness. You don’t know what you are doing, what you are saying; You don’t know what you are asking, and why you are asking.

What business is it of yours to be bothered about unknown people? Are you in a state where no question of your own exists? Have you dropped all your questions? If that had been the case there would have been no need to ask this question either, because you would have known the answer.

When all questions disappear, that consciousness, that questionless consciousness, is the answer, is the truth.

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