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Chapter 10: The Right Side Up

This is what life is. For seventy years, eighty years, you are completely lost. Buddha is one who becomes awakened in a movie house and suddenly shakes himself and understands that there is nothing - only a wide screen covered with white and black shades; just covered with false, dreamlike stuff. He laughs - not at what he is seeing. He laughs at himself and comes back home. There is no point being there now. He has understood. He is no longer a part of sleep; he has become awakened.

Try this. One day, go to a movie and watch how you become so unaware that that which is not real starts becoming real. Then bring yourself back and back, again and again. Become aware. Give a jerk to the body, and again look, and remember that it is a white screen and there is nothing there. Then again watch. Within seconds you are gone again. Again it has been your consciousness that has been taken possession of by the dream stuff. Again you are enjoying or moving with the story. Remember again!

A buddha is doing the same process in the world. A movie house can be a perfect meditation place if you can remember. The day you can remember for continuously three hours that there is nothing.. And remember, don’t repeat this: “There is nothing.” That won’t help. It has to be known that there is nothing. And you have to remember constantly that you are a witness, and you have to watch that you are not affected by anything happening there.

When three-dimensional movies came in for the first time, they created a stir in the world. When for the first time a new, three-dimensional movie was shown in London.. A horse was coming, running. People got scared, because it was a three-dimensional movie: the horse was almost real. People even gave way for the horse to pass by. It looked so real!

Your reality is just a three-dimensional dream. One has to awaken. And the awakening is always bound to be in a dream, so it does not matter what type of dream you are seeing.

That’s why I say there is no need to change the dream. You can wake up wherever you are. You may be seeing yourself as a sinner, as a criminal. You may be in a prison. Or, you may be thinking of yourself as a great mahatma, and you may be in a temple being worshipped by thousands and thousands of people. It makes no difference. The mahatma is as much in a dream if he believes what he is seeing, and if he’s affected by the worship that is being done to him. And if somebody insults him and he feels angry, annoyed, then he is in a dream as much as the sinner in the prison.

And it is not at all relevant to change the dream: that first you become a mahatma; from the criminal, from the sinner you become a saint. It is foolish. Why waste time when you can wake up directly from wherever you are? You can become enlightened while you are imprisoned, you can become enlightened directly from where you are. You are a sinner, okay - because sin is as much a dream as all your sainthood, and the awakening is the same.