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Chapter 5: Your Purity Is Absolute

And mind has a basic law: that it can move to the opposite very easily, but it cannot remain in the middle. Balance is the most difficult thing for the mind, extremes are always easy. If you are an overeater you can become a faster, because that is another extreme, but you cannot remain in the middle. You cannot be on the right food, the right diet, no. Either this side or that; mind always leans to the extreme. It is just like the pendulum of a clock: it goes to the right, then to the left, then to the right; but if it stops in the middle then the clock stops, then there is no possibility for the clock to move. If your mind stops in the middle then thinking stops, then the clock stops. But if you go to the extreme, sooner or later the opposite will again become meaningful, attractive, and you will have to go to the opposite.

Jesus understands this well, very well. And he says: If you fast you will beget sin for yourselves. What is sin? In Jesus’ terminology the extreme, to move to the extreme is sin. To remain just in the middle is to be beyond sin. Why? Why is it sin to move to the extreme? To move to the extreme is sin because in the extreme you have chosen half and half has been denied; and the truth is whole. When you say, “I will eat too much,” you have chosen half. When you say, “I will not eat at all,” you have again chosen half, you have chosen something. In the middle there is no choice: you feed the body, and you are not obsessed either this way or that; you are not obsessed at all, you are not neurotic. The body gets its needs, but you are not too burdened by its needs.

This balance is going beyond sin. So whenever you have an imbalance you are a sinner. Jesus’ idea is that a person who is too much in the world is a sinner, but if he moves to the other extreme, renounces the world, becomes too much against the world, then again he is a sinner. A person who accepts the world, without choosing this way or that, transcends it.

Acceptance is transcendence. Choice means you have entered in, your ego has come in, now you are fighting. Whenever you go to one extreme you have to fight continuously, because an extreme can never be at ease; only in the middle can you be at ease. At the extreme you will always be tense, worried, anxiety will be there. Only in the middle, when you are balanced, is there no anxiety, no anguish; you are at home, nothing worries you because there is no tension. Tension means the extreme. You have tried many extremes, that’s why you are so tense.

Either you are after women and then sex continuously moves in the mind, or you become against them and then too sex moves in the mind. If you exist for sex, then sex will be the only thing in the mind. If you are against it, an enemy, then again sex will be in the mind, because friends you remember, but enemies you remember more. Sometimes friends can be forgotten, but enemies never, they are always there; how can you forget your enemy? So people who go on moving in the world of sex are filled with sex. And go to the monasteries, look in the monasteries where there are people who have moved to the other extreme; they are continuously with sex, their whole mind has become sexual.

Eat too much, become obsessed with food as if your whole life exists to eat, then continuously there will be food in the mind. Then fast, then too continuously food will be in the mind. And if something is continuously on the mind, it becomes a burden. The woman is not the problem, the man is not the problem, sex continuously on the mind is the problem. Food is not a problem: you eat and it is finished; but if food is continuously on the mind then it is a problem.

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