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Chapter 28: Tao Is Already Happening

A man, a very rich man, has a great garden, the grapes are ripe. He sends his manager to the marketplace to bring a few laborers - those grapes have to be collected now, otherwise they will start falling, they will start rotting. A few laborers come and they start working. By the afternoon it is realized that these people are not enough, so more are called. When the sun is almost setting it is realized that even this will not do, so more laborers are called. And then the sun sets and the darkness descends and they all gather.and the owner of the garden gives everybody the same amount of money - to those who had come in the morning and to those who had come in the afternoon, and even to those who had just come and had only worked not more than half an hour.

Naturally, the people who had come in the morning became annoyed, irritated, angry. They said, “What is this? This is unfair! We worked the whole day and we get the same amount of money for our work. And these people have just come, they have not even worked at all - they are also getting the same amount of money? This is unfair!”

And the master started laughing and he said, “Just think of one thing: whatsoever you have got, is it not enough for your labor?”

They said, “It is enough. It is in fact double of what we ordinarily get from somebody else.”

The master said, “Then why are you worried about others? This is my money. You have got double of what you would have got anywhere else, but you are not happy - you are being miserable because I have given to others. This is my money and I have so much to give: my treasures are full, I am burdened. I give to these laborers not because they have worked, but because I have so much that I don’t know what to do with it! Why are you angry?”

Jesus tells this parable in reference to God. And he says, “When you are facing God he will give you not because you have done this or you have done that - not because of your worth - but because he has so much, he is burdened. He is burdened like a cloud full of rain: it has to rain - not because the earth is worthy. Have you not watched? - the clouds come and they rain on all kinds of soil. They rain on stones, rocks, they rain on fertile soil, they rain also on wastelands where nothing grows and nothing will ever grow.

Exactly like that, when a flower opens up, its fragrance is released to the winds, to all the directions, to whomsoever passes by the road it is available. It makes no distinction between the worthy and the unworthy. That’s what I want to relate to you..

Somebody else has asked one question: “Osho, I have listened this whole month. You have not even mentioned once the law of karma.”

I cannot mention it because it is part of economics. It is part of human cunningness and cleverness. It has nothing to do with real religion.

The law of karma says you will get only that which you earn. And I want to say to you: you don’t get according to your worth, you get according to God’s abundance - sinners and saints, all; good and bad, all. The only thing that is needed is: Are you ready to receive it? I am not talking about worthiness. I am simply saying: Are you open to receive it? Are you ready, available, vulnerable, so when it showers on you, you can let it soak in?

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