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Chapter 7: The Eternal Now

But she has to face it and understand it. It is not only a question of the death of the husband. That is not such a big problem. Husbands die, wives die; that is not a big problem, that is natural. The problem is that love could not happen. It remained a dream, a desire, and now it is going to remain unfulfilled. You cannot find that man again, so that chapter cannot be completed. This incompletion will function as a wound. That’s why it has taken a longer time. It will take a little longer still.

Psychological time is your inner time; and we live in the chronological time altogether, the Greenwich time - it is not personal. Psychological time is personal, and each has his own. If you are happy, time slows down. If you are unhappy it lengthens. If you are deep in meditation it stops. In fact in the East we have been measuring states of mind through time. If time stops completely, then the state is of bliss. If time slows down very much, then the state of misery.

In Christianity it is said that hell is eternal. Bertrand Russell has written a book, Why I Am Not a Christian, in which he gives many arguments why he is not a Christian. One of the arguments is this: “I cannot believe that hell can be eternal because whatsoever the sins, they are limited. You cannot do unlimited sins. So for limited sins unlimited punishment - it is unjust.” The argument is simple. Nobody can argue against Bertrand Russell; he is saying a simple fact. He himself says, “If I am punished for all the sins that I have committed in my whole life, then not more than four years’ imprisonment. And even if those sins are included that I have not committed but only thought, then at the most eight years, or a little margin more, ten years. But infinite, eternal hell?” Then God seems to be too revengeful, does not look divine, does not look godly, looks a very horrible, devilish force.

Because you loved a woman who was not your wife, now you will suffer - eternally. This is too much. You have not committed such a great sin. It is human to fall in love, and when one falls in love it is difficult to decide whether to fall in love with a woman who is not anybody else’s wife.. Love is almost blind; it possesses you.

Yes, Bertrand Russell seems to be right, his argument seems to be valid; but I say the argument is not valid. He has missed the whole point. And no Christian theologian has answered him on that point yet. They cannot answer because they have also forgotten. They go on talking about theories, but they have forgotten realities.

When Jesus says hell is eternal, he means psychological time, not chronological time. Yes, if he means chronological time, then it is absolutely absurd to throw a man in eternal hell. He means psychological time. He means that one moment in hell will look like eternity. It will slow down so much because you will be in such anguish and pain that even a single moment will look like eternity. You will feel it is not going to end anytime, it is not going to end. You will feel it continues, continues, continues.

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