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Chapter 13: The Only Holy Approach

I said, “It is up to you. Because the whole question will be discussed, and I will insist that the vice-chancellor have a look in your house. You have made a temple where Rama is standing with Sita and Krishna is standing with Rukmini - which is absolute hypocrisy; he was married to this woman Rukmini but he never lived with her. How could he manage it? Sixteen thousand wives stolen from other people’s houses.he was married to only one woman; the remaining ones were all stolen, forcibly taken. Whenever he saw a beautiful woman, his soldiers would take her - no consideration of the husband or the children or the old parents, no consideration at all. And still, the hypocrisy is that you are putting poor Rukmini next to Krishna. I will take the vice-chancellor to have a look in your house and things can be decided then and there.”

I said, “There is no need for you to resign. Simply don’t be celibate, get married! The problem will be solved - neither I will have to be expelled from the university nor will you have to resign. And if you feel shy, I will find a good wife for you.”

He said, “Stop! Don’t talk like this, you are almost persuading me. This is seduction.”

I said, “Then come on and see the vice-chancellor.”

And we went, and the vice-chancellor listened, and he told me, “You are not wrong, but what can we do? As far as Indian logic is concerned, this man is the best in the whole of India. We cannot.”

I said, “Just think - this man is absolutely illogical. How can he be an expert in Indian logic? His behavior is so illogical: a celibate worshipping married people.”

But the vice-chancellor said, “You had better choose some other university. I will recommend you. I will not expel you, I will recommend you as highly as possible.” But no university was ready to accept me, because my fame had reached ahead of me already: that fellow is coming to be admitted to the university or the college.

In India it is a problem - people are not rational. Even those who pretend to be rational, their behavior is very irrational. They will be very loving, but don’t allow them to destroy your reason. The heart has to grow, reason has to become sharp - because both have to fulfill their functions in the totality of your growth.

A man with a great heart and a great intelligence without any conflict between them, is truly a genius. And everybody has the possibility, but everybody is either dominated by logic or dominated by the heart. Everybody is living a lopsided life.

Have you seen any advertisements for circuses? When a circus comes to a town - I have seen it in many towns - they have bicycles, with one wheel small and one wheel big. And the big wheel’s center is not in the center; it is off-center. So the man riding on the bicycle comes up, goes down, comes up, goes down - naturally he attracts everybody’s attention: “What is happening?” A man suddenly comes up and goes down, and he is a joker, wearing the joker’s dress and the name of the circus, and the timings and the tickets and everything. A single man will attract everybody: a simple device.