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Chapter 40: Your Music Is Your Madness

It takes just a little time but as you go on disidentifying with the mind, the mind loses control over you, and finally it starts disappearing.

That is the beginning of freedom, the birth of a new man, the birth of an authentic man. Now you will act out of your awareness not out of your mind. You will act moment-to-moment, seeing the situation clearly. There is no problem to worry about what is wrong and what is right.

Your clarity will decide what is right, your clarity will take you towards the right. It may not coincide with the right of your society. That’s why society is afraid and wants to put a mind in you.

The old method is a long process. Delgado’s method is simple, can be done within seconds, but it is more dangerous too. You can disidentify yourself with the mind that the society has given, but the electrode is a different matter.

Even if you disidentify, the electrode will control your body. You may not like to do something, but the electrode will force you to do it. You are absolutely incapable.

In a way, the discovery can be a blessing, because we can stop all that is ugly in man, all that is inhuman in man with such a simple methodology - just a small operation in your skull, and placing a small electrode.

If you are too much of a man of anger, you can just go to the scientist and tell him that this is your basic trouble: small things make you angry. He can put an electrode at the exact point from where anger arises. And he can give you a remote controller to keep in your pocket. Whenever you don’t want to be angry, just push the button and anger will simply disappear.

It is good in a way, but spiritually it is not something that I will support. For society it is good, but if you can manage just by a remote control all your emotions, feelings, actions, you will never think of being aware. You will never think of becoming meditative.

And strangely enough, in those seven hundred points in your mind, there is not a single point which can create meditation in you. So it is something beyond the mind, above the mind.

If a man is clear about the whole situation, he can use electrodes, but he should not forget meditation, because he is not only the body and the brain; he is also a luminous being. And that experience is possible only through meditation.

So my suggestion to the questioner is: when you are alone, tell the mind, “Shut up! You are not part of me. Leave me alone!”

There is a Sufi story.

A young seeker came to a great Sufi master. As he entered his room and saluted the master with great respect, the master said, “Good. That’s perfectly good. What do you want?”

He said, “I want to be initiated.”

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